Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My favourite looks for men

I am Aatiqa. I'm a self proclaimed stylist. I'm about to blog about the looks that I dig in men/boys.
Honestly I'm very into vintage,classy and elegance. That explains why I usually look a little more mature than my actual age.And getting back to the point...

I envy males a lot. They're gifted! By just wearing a v-neck, a pair of jeans, sunnies, and with styled hair, they look marvelously smexy! For an instance, let's take a look at the picture below.
See what I mean? It's so effortless for them.

In my opinion, guys whom are very muscular will look better in collared shirts compared to round necks.
  He does look nice, but with collar he would look better, that's what I meant.

And for a casual day out, I suggest, the following outfits. These, are loved by many girls. Haha, but on the serious note, these types of looks will bring out the best of you. Cut down on the clothings, and hype up your hairstyle and charisma.

For a smart and casual look, it's vital to wear appropriate shoes. I consider drivers shoes as one of the best options. They're  comfortable and appropriate. On the other hand sneaker is the worst option as it'll give off a shabby and a "too casual" look. 
 Drivers shoes are one of the many appropriate shoes for a smart and casual dress code.

The following are some examples of 'smart and casual' look.
Formal outfits are easy but risky too. Firstly, some tend to overdress in the name of being formal. But no! There are a few types of formal wears. Lets take a look at the first look.
 It's the typical tuxedo, suit or red carpet look. These are perfect for weddings, conferences and dinner.
This look is commonly worn to work ,sometimes dinner. 

It's really not easy as it looks to rock your look. But basically, be confident, know what suits you and dress accordingly to the given/appropriate dress code. Keep reading my blog and spread the word about my blog to all your friend! Fashion is for everyone. ;) take care


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